Veterans Day in Orange County

Orange County Veterans Cemetery-6

I sometimes forget who granted me the security and the freedom to enjoy my life.   I take for granted the sacrifices other people more noble than myself made and continue to make.   I’m always grateful but I sure don’t make it a priority to show it.

Today I strolled along the graves of the Orange County Memorial Veteran’s Cemetery  on Craigville Road in Goshen humbled by the simple stones and flapping flags.  The cold wind blew in light rain drops and grey clouds not just onto the grounds but in my heart.

A lone veteran walked to a familiar grave removed his cap and bowed his head silently and prayed.

Orange County Veterans Cemetery-2

A large monument reads “It is Not in Numbers but in Unity That Our Great Strength Lies”.   Never before not even at Arlington National Veterans Cemetery in Washington has the  weight of seeing that lone veteran paying his respects in private touched me so deeply.

This Veterans Day there will be many special  ceremonies,  many people will make an excuse of why they cannot attend.   Thank god those who served us didn’t have shopping or errands or something else to do.

It’s because of them you choose what to do today  don’t forget that freedom came at a great price.

Thank a Vet you owe them.

By Jennifer Brenner

Veterans Day Ceremonies around the area:

Middletown Wallkill Veterans Council  11AM at Middletown Elks Lodge 48 Prospect St

Montgomery Veterans Day Parade starting at 11 AM at Town Government Center at 110 Bracken Rd.

Bloomingburg VFW Post 9AM  and 9:30AM at Bloomingburg Fire House on Godfrey Rd.



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