Up and Over Route 17– New Overpass at the Crystal Run Exchange is Open

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Today I saw the sign, New Traffic Pattern in effect and I knew it could only mean one thing.   The big new beautiful bridge everybody has been wanting to drive on is finally open.   We’ve been patiently watching it for many months.     It’s wide width, the span going up and up and across Route 17… With the access roads straight on from East Main Street and Crystal Run Rd.   Four traffic lanes and a great views as your glide smoothly across.

So long and a heartfelt thank you to the good old hard working 2 lane bridge that we crept across in traffic so many, many times.

Drivers today were cautious getting off on the Crystal Run side with new ways to go, temporary signs and traffic cones.   But the seemed to be enjoying the adventure.

My wife and I today were at the Soho Restaurant, located right at the entrance to the new bridge.    Many people there were talking about it.   They were impressed.   Some were wondering if they’d be able to find their way back across it with the new signs and traffic cones to deal with.

Another major traffic milestone in the Town of Wallkill is also in the news.   It’s been announced that the Traffic Connector Underpass between the Orange Plaza and the Galleria on Route 17 is set to be opened this fall.

Picture of Traffic Connector between the Galleria and Orange Plaza.

Picture of the Traffic Connector between the Galleria and Orange Plaza. Work has begun to have it operational this fall.


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