Our Local Thanksgiving Table

It's that time of year again the air is crisp, the days are shorter and flavorful home cooked comfort food is on the menu. Perhaps you're wondering now that the farm markets have closed where you should go for your Thanksgiving feast fixings that are a bit … [Read more...]

Does Trick or Treating Make Your Neighborhood More Enchanting?

There's something magical about trick or treating in a small town especially in your own neighborhood. For the past two years we haven't been so lucky with the weather. First we had snow.   I remember maneuvering my youngest kids around the snow banks.  Yes banks … [Read more...]

Picking Perfect Pumpkins

We're lucky in Middletown to live close to so many thriving farms.  In a 30 minute drive you can find yourself in full autumn majesty in any of these small family run operations; Hodgson Farm; Manza Farm; Pierson’s Farm; Maple’s Farm and many more. As a Mom of 5 Kids … [Read more...]