Downtown Bagel, Where the Paleo Diet (Caveman Diet) Went to Die

I'm hoping heaven smells as delicious as the aroma at Downtown Bagel in Middletown. The fantastic combo of yeast and garlic; bacon and onions; oh it's terrific.  My days in California were spent craving and missing these round pieces of perfection.   My parents … [Read more...]

Yumm Garlic and the Polar Vortex — One way to survive the cold in Middletown

It's post New Years and everybody is kicking off their good healthy habits; working out and eating clean.   Seriously you gotta cheat every now and again.   If your going to cheat it might as well be during this Polar Vortex that's so freaking cold all you want to do is … [Read more...]

What’s the Best Diner in Middletown?

What's the best Diner in town??   I guess it depends what you're hungry for. The appeal of breakfast at any hour is so comforting as is the melty cheese layers of tomorrow's regret spread across crispy golden fries that are dunked in gravy glory.   Not every place in … [Read more...]

Tooties Luncheonette –A Local Tradition

Still going strong, manning the grill, cooking everything fresh and made to order its “Tootie” Predmore. It was 58-years ago in the mid 1950’s when Tootie opened his first Luncheonette in downtown Middletown.   It was located across from the then Sears and Roebuck … [Read more...]

Gunk Haus Restaurant

On the way back from a day trip to the Ashokan Area in the Catskill Mountains we made a stop at the, Gunk Haus Restaurant, in Clintondale about 45 minutes from Middletown.   We we’re glad we did. After a hard day of sightseeing autumn leaves and a short hike to a … [Read more...]