Repaired Door — 15 Grove Street. Middletown, NY

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March 31, 2015   I was able to view both the inside and the exterior of the repair of the door at the 15 Grove Street today.    The repair was done by a master carpenter, Ed Pajak, with more than 40 years professional experience.   He recommended to owner, James Owen, the door be repaired rather than replaced.   He explained it is a over size door that will be hard to get as a replacement, that the damage was not severe, that he could repair it, and that both doors at the front of the house would continue to match in appearance.

My inspection shows the repaired door appears in condition as good as or better than before it was damaged.   That it is solid and secure, is in working condition and is capable as it was before of protecting the property.

I feel this repair has been handled in a prudent manner with thoughtfulness and care for the property, buyer and seller.

During this entire transaction the seller was cooperative with making repairs and accommodations for the buyers.    In January he refunded the rent  for that month to the downstairs tenants to accommodate the buyers need to close and move in January.   The closing  however didn’t take place until 2 months later.    This cost the seller considerable lost rent income and extra out of pocket costs for heat, taxes and a door broken days before the closing.

There has to be some give and take.   Its the buyers turn to accept the repair of the door.

Art Livesey, Associate Broker

John J. Lease Realtors