Middletown, NY

View of Middletown's Downtown Skyline

View of Middletown’s Downtown Skyline

Middletown is the hub of the coverage area for our MiddletownLivingMagazine.Com website.   For more than 200-years Middletown has been the center for services, shopping, supplies and transportation for nearby its communities and residents.


My family moved here in the 1920’s.   My grandparents came to farm in Bullville just about 8 miles outside of town.   My father was just a very young boy.   He said they made a trip into Middletown once a week by horse and buggy.

Middletown’s downtown was a bustling place.   North Street was lined with multi floor buildings, many of them still there today.  Stores were on the first floor.  Doctors, dentists and lawyers on the upper floors.   There were factories, the Eire Railroad and the big O&W Railroad Yards.   Middletown prospered with jobs and sales in it’s role as the area’s hub.

Middletown started growing in the the mid 1700’s.    By 1848 it became a village, forty years later a City.   It celebrated it’s 125th Anniversary as a City in 2013.

Today major shopping and medical services are centered here.

Modern deluxe supermarkets make food shopping totally convenient and as pleasant as possible as major companies compete for their share of consumer dollars.   People come from a wide area to shop in Middletown.   There’s the Galleria at Crystal Run and big box stores too.

The Orange Regional Medical Center, a major hospital facility opened in 2011.   It along with Crystal Run Health Care seem to have created a whole new medical care section of Middletown.


We have the Metro North Commuter Train and bus service for commuters to New York City .

Interstate Route 84 and New York State Route 17 intersect here and have helped the area grow by becoming a transportation and distribution center providing many jobs.


According to the 2010 census there were just over 28,000 residents in Middletown.  The community is racially diverse, 40% is hispanic, 37% white and 21% African-American.

By Arthur Livesey

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