Middletown’s 155th Fire Department Parade

The gray skies and rain cleared letting the participants in the 155th Middletown Fire Department Parade put on happy faces for what turned out to be a very successful event.

Christian Smith

All eyes were on the 5th Division in the Parade.   The Marshall for the Division being the youngest ever honorary  member of the Middletown Fire Department, Christian Smith.     He’s 4 years old and has a rare genetic condition.

Marching Middies

It was quite a sight to see.   I was on the reviewing stand announcing the parade.  It was an emotional and heartwarming moment.  The Marching Middies from Middletown High School in their sharp new blue uniforms; sounding great led the way for the division and its Marshall Christian.

Christian’s mother, Kelli, said because of his little legs he rode most of the way on the Excelsior Fire Truck.    Fireman Stewart DeGroat with Christian SmithJust before the reviewing stand Fireman Stewart DeGroat ran back from the line of march and got Christian to walk with his brother firemen.  It was priceless. Christian Smith and his mother Kelli

She said thank you to all his brother and sisters in all the departments in all the divisions for a special day and honor.  Words can not describe what this has meant to me and my family and especially to Christian.

Right at the three o’clock start time for the parade small patches of blue sky and sunshine started appearing.  By the time the marchers were fully underway a light breeze cleared out the clouds and gave blue skies all along the parade route.

Spectators were sparse at the beginning but as the weather got nicer the crowds got larger.

This year’s parade was a quite regional with some guest departments coming from as far away as Ossinnig and Port Chester.

Middletown’s Ontario Engine Company also was honored for 125 years of service.

Thanks to my daughter and fellow Realtor, Jennifer Brenner, for taking the pictures used in the video and this post.

By Art Livesey




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