Middletown NJROTC, In the NYC Veterans Day Parade


The Middletown High School NJROTC is an outstanding part of our community.  (NJROTC–Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp)

The members of NROTC can be found at almost every community event we have from parades, pancake breakfasts, color guards, spending time with Veterans.  You name or you ask and they are there.

In a time when Middletown’s Youth doesn’t always get the positive publicity they deserve the NJROTC gives one plenty of reasons to brag about this city.

Three years ago, hundreds of Cadets travelled to Manhattan and carried the Garrison 9/11 flag during the Veterans Day Parade, last year the members carried pictures of POWs the many long blocks of the parade route.

Today,  3 bus loads of cadets will participate in the New York City Veterans Day Parade.   The Student Commander, Corrine Jewell, will lead her unit of future military bound students all boldly looking to the future.


If you want a community with outstanding young people, Middletown has it.  You need to not look past the pressed uniforms and shiny shoes of the cadets whom for most of them can’t recall when the United Stated wasn’t at war, yet they still choose to serve.   Not all will become soldiers but all we be changed for the better good of our community.

Thank you Cadets you make me so proud to be part of your city.

The pictures of the Cadets in this post were from the Middletown 125th Anniversary Parade in June of this year.

By Jennifer Brenner

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