Landscaping Timbers at 18 Kennedy Terrace

The use of landscaping timbers begins at the left front of the house . The timbers are being used as an edging for a planting bed of small plants and shrubs. The edging begins as bricks and is replaced by the timbers which are actually used railroad ties.

The one layer of railroad ties runs along the entire width of the foundation.

At the rear of the house the ground slopes down and there is a small retaining area made of newer wood that appears in good condition. An older railroad tie in poor condition extends from it out into the yard.

There is only a small volume of dirt being held in this retaining area.

There are several railroad ties placed singly, in the left side and rear yard. All have now settled into the ground. When the house was new and the lawn was installed they may have been added to stop water and soil run off. Now that the ground has settled these ties are no longer needed.

Since the ground has had 35 years to settle since the house was built, by using a little creative gardening and landscaping all of the timbers and retaining area could possibly be removed as they no longer appear to be performing a useful service.