Know what’s great about small communities and Sunday Mornings?

Pancake Breakfasts that’s what!


Around Middletown you have your choice of so many pancake breakfasts you could almost attend one weekly if you wanted to.

They’re easy to find through road signs and listings in the local papers.

In the past two weeks I enjoyed the service from the Middletown Lions Club and the Middletown Elks Club.

Both use the proceeds of the breakfasts to benefit the community.

The run down on the breakfasts are similar with a slight variation in each menu and service to make them unique enough that you are always ready for more.


The Lions club offered chocolate chip pancakes, a delight to my kids for sure 4 out of 5 ordered them, they also have homemade cinnamon apples which are served warm and are delicious.

The Elks club offers sit down service and they need too with the crowd they draw.  Don’t worry it’s well staffed and runs like a well oiled machine.   At the Elks you can choose from pancakes or French toast   ( I’d try the pancakes they are fluffy and light.)  You get your choice on how you’d like your eggs,  scrambled, sunny side, over light ,or over well plus sausage and apple sauce.

Along with pancakes you can usually get in on some good raffles and bake sales.


The breakfast ticket sellers at the Elks Club.

The most satisfying part of the meal is knowing you supported your local community in the most brilliant way possible by eating breakfast.

So look out for those upcoming breakfasts especially when blueberry season comes around.





The Middletown Elks holds their pancake breakfasts at the lodge at 48 Prospect St.   This breakfast benefited the Inspire Organization in Goshen. Inspire helps  people who have special challenges to maximize their capabilities to lead fuller lives.
The Middletown Lions Club held its most recent breakfast at the Middletown Senior Center at 62-72 West Main Street.   This breakfast benefited their backpack food program.  Members of the Lions Club fill backpacks with food and snacks.  These are distributed to school children each Friday so they will have food available during the weekend. 
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