Flags for Independence Ave

Flags on Independence AveMiddletown is lucky enough to have a street named Independence Avenue.  What better way to honor it each year than giving it a dressing with flags for Independence Day.

Flags for Independence AveMy family and I have been doing that for many years.   My grandchildren enjoy helping,  sticking the small flag poles into the front lawns of all the houses.   Making sure they’re all are standing up straight.  Looking good to help celebrate this national holiday.  Here are some pictures of the flags being put out for this 4th of July.

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  1. Glenice Foglia says

    Thanks, Art, for sharing this event with us. And it is always nice to see the grandchildren.

  2. Dave Bechtle says

    Art, I never knew your family has been celebrating the 4th of July this way ! I drove by Independence Ave. yesterday; it’s a great way to celebrate our country’s birthday !! Dave

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