Comments from Parade Route as Middletown’s Fire Parade is Now Once Every 3 Years

It won’t be until 2020 that Middletown’s Fire Department steps off for another parade.  We were at the 126th Parade on Saturday September 9, 2017 and made a video getting comments from people along the parade route on how they feel about it no longer being an annual event.  Thanks to all that gave us comments.

What are your thoughts about the change in the parade status?   From Annual Event to Once Every Three Years.     Feel free to  leave a comment on the post.

Middletown Fire Officials have cited higher costs for parade and decreased participation from visiting fire companies and spectators turning out for the parade as the reasons for changing the scheduling of the event.

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  1. As a 55 + year member of the McQuoid Engine & Ladder Co. #3, I can remember the glory days of past Fire Parades and what an integral part they were of being a volunteer in Middletown. We would routinely turn out 60-75 men in the line of march. Today I paraded as division marshal and we barely broke into double digits.
    This is a perfect example of why the economics of the situation dictate that this will become a thrice yearly event if that.
    I drove in from Chicago to be a part of what well may be the last Fire parade we see on the streets of Middletown………Sad to say the least.

  2. Highly saddened to hear about this 3 year stretch. At a time that Middletown is opening it’s arms to the world, with colleges, various national groups and big economic development, this is the wrong time for this to happen. I was raised in Middletown, now live in Bermuda. As a little boy , I was exited to view the annual Parade. The public needs to know it’s Firefighters, fire equipment, police Officers, and local regional talent. Keep it annual or if this absolutely has to be, make it every other year. I am a big fan of Middletown/Wallkill. Mayor Destefano has done some fabulous work with his team. May Middletown’s economy continue to increase.

  3. Rather have a small parade than no parade, but it should be left up to the Fireman who volunteer their time and risk their lives who should decide this. No one else.

  4. Angel Maurizzio says

    I’m speaking to anyone who will listen and try to act on this situation. Whether it be the media or many dissatisfied people. My husband and I are Middletown natives. His father Joe, volunteered and marched before and with his son. I have relatives in the Middletown volunteer fire department. They attend meetings regularly and marched in this 2017 parade. The rank and file volunteer firemen are not happy with this every 3 year parade. Car #1, Chief made this decision. Five out of seven volunteer companies voted on three different occasions – majority 5 of 7 in all 3 votes – to keep the parade as annual. Their wishes were ignored! The Mayor says he has nothing to do with these decisions. I’ve asked. Seek the truth, talk to the actual volunteer rank and file……..please! They want an annual parade and so do we, friends, relatives, children and elderly proud and happy to participate and watch!

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