Middletown’s Annual Firefighter’s Parade

Every Autumn Middletown comes together to thank our bravest heroes.   It’s touching that the Middletown Fire Parade still marches through the town with shiny trucks, dress uniforms, and honored members.  Grand Marshall, John Horan, retired Commissioner of Fire Services … [Read more...]

Welcome to 10940

Located in a less famous Orange County than California’s 90210. 10940 covers the greater Middletown, New York area. Being less famous doesn’t mean less grand in any way. In fact as a former Californian I would wager it’s equally as magnificent in a totally … [Read more...]

Little Italy in Middletown

So two things happen when you read this,  if you’re from here for a long time you know exactly what I’m talking about.   If you’re new here you think yeah right Middletown doesn't have a little Italy there’s only one in NYC. Well we have one,  it’s really small so … [Read more...]

Big time Comedy in Middletown at the Paramount

An evening with Larry Miller is coming to the Paramount on Saturday October 26th. I remember him best as the butt kissing salesman in the movie, Pretty Woman.   Probably because like most women I still want to go on that shopping spree; fall in love with a rich man … [Read more...]

Picking Perfect Pumpkins

We're lucky in Middletown to live close to so many thriving farms.  In a 30 minute drive you can find yourself in full autumn majesty in any of these small family run operations; Hodgson Farm; Manza Farm; Pierson’s Farm; Maple’s Farm and many more. As a Mom of 5 Kids … [Read more...]