SUNY Orange Health Fair

On Monday SUNY Orange hosted its annual health fair. The event took place in the Gym and was hosted by the students of the various health fields taught at the college; nursing, physical therapy, dental hygiene, radiology and more. This year the first grade students … [Read more...]

Carmine’s Bakery

Is having good Italian Bakeries nearby important to your quality of life?   Of course it is! Middletown has been the home of Carmine's Bakery since 1977. Owner Carmine moved here from Italy. After working at some other local bakeries he opened up shop at 28 North … [Read more...]

How to Order Sushi Like a Pro

Recently I'm having the unique experience of working with some very talented Chefs from different parts of Asia , at the O Sake Restaurant at 21 West Main Street in Downtown Middletown.  They've taught me a little about their culture and food, including sushi, and I'd … [Read more...]

Shake Your A** Off

Most people have heard of Zumba, but if you haven't it's an aerobic fitness class with the tag line  "Quit the Workout Join the Party". As an avid Zumba fan myself that's exactly what Zumba is to me. I try to run really but I don't like it.   I do it anyway but … [Read more...]

Middletown NJROTC, In the NYC Veterans Day Parade

The Middletown High School NJROTC is an outstanding part of our community.  (NJROTC--Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp) The members of NROTC can be found at almost every community event we have from parades, pancake breakfasts, color guards, spending time … [Read more...]

Veterans Day in Orange County

I sometimes forget who granted me the security and the freedom to enjoy my life.   I take for granted the sacrifices other people more noble than myself made and continue to make.   I'm always grateful but I sure don't make it a priority to show it. Today I strolled … [Read more...]

Our Local Thanksgiving Table

It's that time of year again the air is crisp, the days are shorter and flavorful home cooked comfort food is on the menu. Perhaps you're wondering now that the farm markets have closed where you should go for your Thanksgiving feast fixings that are a bit … [Read more...]

Yes Really Luxury Apartments in Middletown

  I think I felt a little like George and Wheezy when I strolled through the Lux details at the new, Sterling Parc, on James P. Kelly Way.   ( I think they spelled it like that so you'd know it was "posh" a fancy word for fancy). First of all the grounds … [Read more...]

Does Trick or Treating Make Your Neighborhood More Enchanting?

There's something magical about trick or treating in a small town especially in your own neighborhood. For the past two years we haven't been so lucky with the weather. First we had snow.   I remember maneuvering my youngest kids around the snow banks.  Yes banks … [Read more...]

Know what’s great about small communities and Sunday Mornings?

Pancake Breakfasts that's what! Around Middletown you have your choice of so many pancake breakfasts you could almost attend one weekly if you wanted to. They're easy to find through road signs and listings in the local papers. In the past two weeks I enjoyed … [Read more...]