A little bit of yesterday in downtown Middletown.

Any Old Thing

One of the most enjoyable stores you’ll have a chance to go into in the Middletown area is going to be, Any Old Thing.   You never know what you’re going to find there.

I’m a boater and was amazed to find owner, Tracey Racine, standing behind a real wooden control panel from a 1930’s luxury motor yacht complete with throttle controls, knot meter, gauges, and ships wheel.   Right next to it was a hollow shell of a tortoise made of fiberglass that someone spied while driving by and called in on just as I walked in.

Tracey has had the shop for 2 years now.   Looking around you’ll see jewelry, antiques, and cool old stuff from toys to china.  Check out the pictures in this post.

Any Old Thing Clocks

Automotive repair is the field where Tracey worked for 30-years before opening this shop.  He still enjoys fixing things but now its clocks instead of cars.   He’s always been fascinated by clocks he said.  He’s owned, serviced and repaired many over the years.  Now that he’s in the antique and collectible business he’s getting more calls to help people with their clocks.  He’s got grandfather and mantle clocks in the store and explained they need regular service.   He does in home calls.   He says clocks often need special preparation for travel, this especially applies to pendulum clocks.   If you have a clock that may need attention call Tracey before you move it to bring it in for repair or service.

The shop is very attractive and the items are nicely displayed.

You’re likely going to find something you haven’t seen in a long time and want to take it home with you.

Any Old Thing
4 West Main Street
Middletown, NY 10940

By Arthur Livesey

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