What does the return of Beer Brewing mean to Middletown,NY?

Brewery1I can envision a whole new go-to neighborhood springing up near the brewery with specialty restaurants, some very cool apartments in those huge nearby old industrial buildings, lots of people coming out enjoying the area as it will be the hub of the new rail trail that’s coming to town.

It’s making Middletown seem as if it’s on its way to being a trendy town.

I don’t think they could have picked a better spot for the brewery.

Brewery2 Brewery3 Brewery4 Brewery5

It’s slated to go into the very handsome historic Clemson Brothers Tower Building at 22 Cottage Street.   The three story steel, brick, and stone building with beautiful interior woodwork was constructed in 1897 and used as the office for this former longtime industrial powerhouse of a company in Middletown.

The developers want to brew beer, have a restaurant, and rental apartments in the building.

I think people will enjoy coming to the building.    I hope the beer will be good.

Brewery6 Brewery7

No beer has been brewed in Middletown since prohibition caused the last brewery to close.   Before it closed, Middletown did have what was called “The King of All Beers”, “The Place Where Good Beer Is Made — Orange County”.   The Orange County Brewery was located on Lake Ave across from Fancher Davidge Park.

Brewery7 Brewery8

The brewery building built in 1897 has now been converted to the Brewery Apartments.   Just after the start of the 1900’s the company’s beer won a bronze medal at the Paris Exposition.

For you entrepreneurs and developers now’s the time to start thinking about what you can do in this area.  There’s a vacant fish market just across the way from the new brewery.   Middletown doesn’t have a nice local seafood restaurant yet.    Those big former factory buildings there are calling out for apartments.   Tenants could fall out of bed and be on the bus to the city—what could be easier.  The bus station is only a block away. There’s plenty of room for art galleries and shops.   Don’t forget about the rail trail.   It comes in from Goshen on the old Eire Railroad right of way.    Walkers and bikers will be making good use of this paved walkway.    They’ll want to take a break for some food and drink when they get here.

OK who are you going to call for more information?   Well I have two recommendations for you.    One is the City of Middletown Business Improvement District Director, (BID), John Degnan, (845)-343-8075.   He’s an optimistic man who will do all he can to help you and the community prosper.   My other recommendation is Jennifer Brenner.    She’s a Real Estate Agent that specializes in Commercial Business.   She is part of the Commercial Division at John J. Lease Realtors.   She can help you with your plans for business growth in this area.   Jennifer often writes posts on this website.  845-649-9292 cell.  Email Jennifer Brenner.

By Arthur Livesey, Associate Broker at John J. Lease Realtors.    Art is the host of this website, MiddletownLivingMagazine.com.  We’ve got more posts planned on what’s happening in downtown Middletown including the King Street Walkway, a new taste sensation at Garcia’s Market, and more news on the rail trail.       Don’t forget to check out the homes for sale on our site.   If you need information or help on selling or buying please feel free to call on me.     845-476-7093 Art’s agent line.


  1. Rosa Boyd says:

    Thank you Art for providing us with all the valuable info. People who live and work here are the stabilizing forces . We are the visionaries!!!!!!! Many kudos to you and Jen.

  2. Mary Jane Sorrell says:

    This all sounds wonderful and I wish Middletown takes the challenge . Those beautiful old buildings have many years to give toMiddletown.

  3. Nice article. Plenty of beer has been brewed in Middletown since OC Brewery closed, it’s just not been publicly for sale because it’s been homebrew.

  4. Chris Skinner says:

    Hopefully Middletown will step up and give some incentives to businesses that want to come in and revitalize this area…..went through downtown when I was there last fall and it was sad because there are so many beautiful buldings that could be restored and made into loft style housing and stores and restaurants…..we have Titusville here that could do the same thing but they keep their heads in the sand…The whole town is on the river and and has so many possibilities….

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