Downtown Bagel, Where the Paleo Diet (Caveman Diet) Went to Die

Downtown Bagel

I’m hoping heaven smells as delicious as the aroma at Downtown Bagel in Middletown.

The fantastic combo of yeast and garlic; bacon and onions; oh it’s terrific.  My days in California were spent craving and missing these round pieces of perfection.   My parents lovingly filled a suitcase full of them every time they visited me in the Golden State.  I’d open the bag filled with everything covered bagels and feel instantly connected to my Middletown home.

This is a true bagel shop that bakes it’s product fresh and hot everyday. You can actually get them while they’re still hot if you time it right. Combine one with their flavored cream cheeses, my favorite combo is an everything bagel with veggie cream cheese topped with lettuce and tomatoes.

Of course they have lox and Boars Head cold cuts and they serve kosher and non kosher items.

You’ll find Downtown Bagel in the Campbell Plaza Shopping Center, 125 Dolsen Avenue, Middletown,  adjacent to Shop-Rite.  Their number (845) 343-9604.

Last Sunday I stopped in and served up a fantastic spread to 10 people for about $20.   I picked it all up, brewed some coffee and looked like a hero.

Try it you’ll be impressed even if your’e a city transplant, Middletown really does have it all you just need to know where it is.

Jennifer Brenner
Big Believer in My City

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  1. Best bagels ever…downtown bagels!!

  2. Adam Huchital says:

    Best bagels in M-town and likely anywhere else!

  3. marlene ferrara says:

    Best bagels in town!!!

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