Yumm Garlic and the Polar Vortex — One way to survive the cold in Middletown


It’s post New Years and everybody is kicking off their good healthy habits; working out and eating clean.   Seriously you gotta cheat every now and again.   If your going to cheat it might as well be during this Polar Vortex that’s so freaking cold all you want to do is lay under the covers and eat.

That brings me to my favorite delight garlic!  Not garlic alone but garlic paired with its best friend hot steamy, salty, carbs.

Pizza, garlic bread and my ohhhh sooo favorite garlic knots.   Have you not had these fantastic things?   Small rounds of dough called knots prepared  into some kinda wonderful!

Garlic knots:  Now not all are created equal, there are some dry horrid misrepresentations of my beloved treat.   If you’ve had them you’re already turned off completely but for the mercy of all things naughty and delicious please try a proper one.

Although I frequent many of the local pizzerias I gotta give Caputo’s Pizza at 418 North Street the gold sticker on this one, with their larger than average knots soaked heavily in olive oil and pieces of garlic they completely corner the market  in Middletown.
Caputo’s has lots of nice options so place an order and add some knots you’ll be glad you did, until workout day that is.   It will be worth it they are definitely a 10!   The pictures below were all taken at Caputo’s Pizzera 845-342-1222 

By Jennifer Brenner

Caputo's Pizza Middletown Caputo's Pizza


Caputo's Meatball Parm Caputo's Fried Fish Caputo's Soups Caputo's Menu Board


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