Update on Middletown’s Fancher Davidge Park Pool Renovation

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Ok Middletown Kids get ready for the Worm Spray; The Gusher Jet; Spray Hoops; Water Cage and Prop Jet Path.   These are all potential features at the new wet deck now under construction at the renovation of the swimming pool at Fancher Davidge Park in Middletown.

I live nearby and every day I see lots activity by workmen, heavy equipment, cement trucks making deliveries and wanted to get you and update on what’s going on.

Middletown Recreation and Parks Department  Superintendent Thomas Elwood was very nice and got us a picture of what the new pool complex is going to look like.   He said the actual configuration of the wet deck being constructed where the children’s wading pool used to be isn’t officially set yet, but the picture gives a good idea of what it is going to look like.

This project with a price tag of $1.36 million dollars also includes the rebuilding of the large swimming pool and bathhouse.



The pool looks great, there’s an all new filtration system too.   To me, the pool even looks bigger than before.

The work is being done by Ray Palmer Associates of Dover, NJ.   The foreman who I spoke to said the pool, wet deck, and the even to old pool building, inside and out, are going to be looking great for next summer.

The Fancher Davidge Park Pool has been closed the last 3 years because of needed maintenance and this renovation.

It is the largest municipal pool in Middletown.   It was originally constructed in the years right after World War II, and is officially named the, War Veterans Memorial Pool.  Two other pools are at the Maple Hill and Sproat Street Parks.

I’m sure this new improved version is going to be a popular spot next summer.   Which way to the Gusher Jet?

By Arthur Livesey


  1. Mary Jane Sorrell says:

    I remember collecting money to help build the Memorial Pool. A very patriotic time. Then later taking the Red Cross life guard course as well as working one summer as aLife Guard.
    A wonderful time.

    • James Sorrell says:

      I have memories of freezing my posterior off after you took us to the early session of swim lessons. I suppose it was all the shade from those beautiful trees or breezes from the open park. It is wonderful to think it will be there for many more years.

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