Tooties Luncheonette –A Local Tradition


Still going strong, manning the grill, cooking everything fresh and made to order its “Tootie” Predmore.

It was 58-years ago in the mid 1950’s when Tootie opened his first Luncheonette in downtown Middletown.   It was located across from the then Sears and Roebuck Store (now Garcia’s Market) on North Street.

The current, Tooties (Tooties IV), has been on Route 17M in New Hampton, NY for the last 30-years.   The patrons we talked to said it feels like home and they’ve been coming here for years.


Tootie’s wife Patricia says the secret is in cooking everything fresh.   The bacon, eggs, burgers, steak sandwiches are made to order and cooked right in front of the customers at the counter by Tootie at the grill.   Nothing is pre-cooked.  Everything is cooked fresh and that makes the difference, says Patricia.

Tootie always has his grill and food well organized.   You can see the nice quality of the food you’re going to get and how skillfully and smoothly Tootie puts all the meals together.

Over the years Tooties has built up a bond with the community.   At one time it was known for its display of Disney Memorabilia.    Unique Mickey Mouse and Disney items often presented as gifts by customers were displayed to the delight of young and old alike.    Once Tootie’s large outside Mickey and Minnie Mouse decorations went missing, the local newspaper ran news stories on the case that Tootie still has clippings of.

Whether you come in for breakfast or lunch, sit at the counter or a table, Tootie’s is a friendly place.  There’ll always be a conversation going on you can join in.


Western Bacon Egg and Cheese on Roll

New to Tooties?   Tootie and Pat like to explain their menu to someone new.   For example my favorite breakfast sandwich is a western with bacon and cheese on a hard roll.   It is a newer item on the menu.   Scrambled eggs cooked with diced ham and green peppers on the grill, topped with fresh cooked bacon and melted cheese served on a fresh hard roll.  It is delicious and succulent, two favorite adjectives that Tootie uses to describe the taste of his food.

Tooties is open from 6:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday.  at 4921 NY State Route 17M, New Hampton, NY.  10958.


We hope you’ll be able to try Tooties soon.

By Arthur Livesey


  1. Rick B BDB says:

    Great food. Save the weight for the bacon. We like juice in our meat

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