Carmine’s Bakery


Is having good Italian Bakeries nearby important to your quality of life?   Of course it is!

Middletown has been the home of Carmine’s Bakery since 1977. Owner Carmine moved here from Italy. After working at some other local bakeries he opened up shop at 28 North Street in 1977 where everything is still baked today.  They also have a second store at 415 East Main Street.

Carmine’s is still run by the original owners, Carmine and Maria and their 3 sons. John, Joe and Carlo.

On my visit this week I met, Carlo, who’s got a personality as big as, Buddy,  from Carlo’s Bakery on the hit TV show, Cake Boss.  If you watch the show and crave that authentic Italian family bakery flavor you can skip the trip to Hoboken and enjoy some fantastic treats right here in Middletown.

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Carmine’s has bread, cakes, pastry, cookies, pies, rolls, muffins and anything else you’d like to order.

This is a local downtown Middletown Gem no big chain could ever compete with. When making your holiday plans remember all the goodies they have from desserts to breads. Why not make a tray for a gift to someone special on your list.  How many teacher mugs does one person need?  A box of biscotti, anybody would love that!

Jennifer Brenner
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