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Most people have heard of Zumba, but if you haven’t it’s an aerobic fitness class with the tag line  “Quit the Workout Join the Party”.

As an avid Zumba fan myself that’s exactly what Zumba is to me.

I try to run really but I don’t like it.   I do it anyway but badly.  It’s not fun for me.

Zumba hands down is a blast.   I try to figure out arrangements for my schedule to get there more often.   At the end of a class I’m exhausted, sweaty and still want more.  Zumba is workout hidden by the feeling of just dancing.  Yes it’s awkward at first.   Even as you’re learning the basic moves it’s still fun!

Where can you go in Middletown for Zumba??

The YMCA at 81 Highland Ave and Studio Ayo Fitness in the Caldor Plaza at 360 Rt 211 East.

YMCA instructor Danny has a devout following, when I took his class he had lots of Spanish music, hip shaking and fun, not to mention his mile wide smile that fills his classes with radiant positive vibes.  I haven’t taken the other instructors at the “Y” myself but heard that they offer a fast paced calorie burning class well loved by the Members.
Studio Ayo was created as a Zumba Studio and is now a full blown fitness center, they continue to offer a large amount of Zumba classes daily.  I have taken classes from the owner Damola Akenyemi and it’s true,  few can compare to him, his style and strength bring an accelerated level to his whole studio.

I tend to take classes in the mornings so I have attended more of instructor Meagan’s classes who’s style is a bit more dancey and incorporates both traditional world music and top chart beats.  Jason is also a personal favorite of mine.  His energy can brighten my cloudiest days, with tunes from Boy George and Justin Timberlake, his classes are just super fun.

You can visit both centers websites (linked above in this post)  for a full list of classes.   Keep them in mind when your New Years resolutions come around.    The treadmill is not your only option this winter, come join the party!
Jennifer Brenner
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