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It’s that time of year again the air is crisp, the days are shorter and flavorful home cooked comfort food is on the menu. Perhaps you’re wondering now that the farm markets have closed where you should go for your Thanksgiving feast fixings that are a bit extraordinaire.

How about local favorite Soon’s Orchard.

I visited Soon’s in New Hampton this week pretty sure I would find perfect apples for applesauce, worthy pies maybe even a few bakery treats, but what I found was so much more.

In Middletown we don’t yet have a Whole Foods or Trader Joes to shop at but maybe we don’t need one as much as I thought.

At Soon’s I discovered beautiful local apples, squash, spinach, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, beans and so much more. Along with fresh cider, honey, syrup, cheeses, organic meat, spice mixes, and more all locally produced.

They have fresh bread daily from Rockland Bakery.

On the premises you can find homemade desserts ranging from fudge, candy, apple cider donuts, turnovers, and brownies.  They offer a dozen different pies that are deep heavy and heavenly.  If you’d like to offer one of their pies at your Thanksgiving feast you can place an order by calling Soon’s by the Monday before Thanksgiving (for Christmas order a week ahead).

If you’re like me and forget to order as I’m sure I will, the good people of Soon’s will be working Thanksgiving morning until 12 noon.   But place those orders to make sure you don’t miss out.    (845) 374-5471

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Now if all that wasn’t fantastic enough Soon’s Orchard now makes its own Hard Cider.  Its not your run of the mill cider that is sweet and reminiscent of the non-alcoholic version, Soon’s is dry, crisp and clean similar to an Italian Prosecco and comes in a traditional size corked champagne bottle for under $14, a great pairing with Turkey on the big day.

Soon’s is also making a Maple Sugar Moonshine.  This triple distilled spirit has all the kick of a shine but a smooth pleasant body. If you visit the tasting room at Soon’s, open most days.  Try the moonshine with hot apple cider and maple syrup a delightful cap to a day at the farm stand or a holiday with your love ones.

A selection of State wines meaning all grapes and fermentation happen here in New York are also available.   I tried a very bright pungent Pinot Noir and lovely subtle Merlot in the tasting room both would round out the hearty flavors of sage and thyme in holiday meals.

So grab your free turkey from the grocery store and let Soon’s help you sort out the rest.   No fancy stores no problem Middletown’s got all the bells and whistles you need.

Jennifer Brenner

Big Believer in My City!!


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  1. Mary Jane Sorrell says:

    I am enjoying this website. Thank you.

    • Arthur Livesey says:

      Thank you for making the nice comment. We’re glad you like our website. We’re happy people are finding it and enjoying it. If you ever have any ideas for posts or stories people might like like please send them along. Art Livesey

  2. Hey there – thanks for the awesome post. We are proud to have been growing apples since our founding in 1910 by my great grandfather, William Soons. We now grow over 50 varieties – so really, there’s something for everyone. (Don’t miss the peaches too – mid-July to mid-September or so)
    Soons (no apostrophes) is open everyday 9-6, right through the winter and spring too 🙂 Thanks all for your support!

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