Historic Jewel in Bullville is Available

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Back in the 1990’s the owner of this Bullville farmhouse was doing some repair work and found something that made the house even more special.

He discovered a hollow area behind the plaster of the dining room wall.

He probed and made wider his opening exposing a long forgotten masterpiece of a fireplace.

The craftsmanship in this fireplace is first thing I noticed when I came to see the house.   It’s individually cut and fitted stones span from floor to ceiling.  A Dutch oven is built right into it.  Soot is still on the stones from the fires that cooked so many meals.

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It’s thought this fireplace was hidden from view for more than 50 years.   How old is it?

The first part of the house was the basement under the kitchen in the late 1680’s.   The dining room where our hidden fireplace is was probably added in the 1700’s.   The most recent expansion, the living room, has the biggest rooms, highest ceilings and largest windows; in fact they still have the original glass.   It has a cornerstone saying 1844.

Other features that caught my eye are the stone fireplace in the kitchen with a built in, beehive oven.  The wide plank floors throughout give the house that real colonial look and feel.   It has a setting on 4.6 acres.  There is a paddock for one to two horses.


Maybe you’ll be the owner that makes the next architectural discovery?   You never know till you try.  If you’ve been thinking about owning an historic property that could involve you and give you lots of enjoyment this may be it.  Some of the homes you may have seen probably needed so much work it turned you away.   But that’s not the case here.

There’s even things I didn’t mention such as an in-ground swimming pool and central air conditioning  to sweeten the deal.     The price for the property takes into account the work needed.

Once you polish up this historic jewel you’ll be the one living in a pre-revolutionary and pre-civil war home that’s recognized for its historical significance and beauty.

By Art Livesey

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If you’d like more information about the property or would like an appointment to see it in person please feel free to contact me.   I’m the listing agent I can set up a personal showing for you and get answers to your questions.

Art Livesey, Associate Broker
John J. Lease Realtors

Update:   This home sold on 4/15/2015 for $150,000.   We understand the new owners are planning on extensive work to restore the property to truly make an historic jewell.     We wish them much success with this new project.   Art Livesey

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