Welcome to 10940


Located in a less famous Orange County than California’s 90210.

10940 covers the greater Middletown, New York area.

Being less famous doesn’t mean less grand in any way.

In fact as a former Californian I would wager it’s equally as magnificent in a totally different way.

Middletown the hub of the 10940 zip code was coined with its name over 200 years ago because of its central location between different points.

  • A bustling industrial town with famous railroad connections of the Erie and the O&W and their legendary landmark stations.
  • Middletown was a wonderful place to work, live or connect in.
  • Over the years Middletown changed from an industrial town to a suburban city.

The former O&W Railroad Station on Low Avenue. The building is currently awaiting a multi-million dollar renovation into a community health center facility.


Today Middletown remains one of the most affordable areas in the majestic Hudson Valley.

  • It’s within commuting distance to NYC, Westchester, Connecticut and Northern New Jersey all with mass transit options.

The Orange Regional Medical Center

In 2011 Orange Regional Medical Center opened at 707 East Main Street.

  • It’s one of the newest and largest facilities in the state offering a cardiac catheterization lab, Trauma Center, neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), and coming soon a Pediatric ER.

Touro Medical College will open in the fall of 2014 in the former Horton Hospital building, together with SUNY Orange Middletown will then be home to two outstanding Colleges.

Middletown’s Enlarged City School District continues to excel winning one of 10 National Race to the top grants from the US Government a very prestigious honor.

  • This year the Middletown School’s Presidential Park a super high tech elementary school opened.

Along with tremendous parks, independent eateries, shops and theaters, a fantastic Library, and so much more its clear many make Middletown their home or travel here to enjoy it.

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