Picking Perfect Pumpkins

Image of Pumpkin Patch at Maples Farm

We’re lucky in Middletown to live close to so many thriving farms.  In a 30 minute drive you can find yourself in full autumn majesty in any of these small family run operations; Hodgson Farm; Manza Farm; Pierson’s Farm; Maple’s Farm and many more.

Pumpkin-4As a Mom of 5 Kids I’ll tell you that Maples is a great place to go.  Its super local at 749 NYS Route 17M , Middletown, NY.  When you’re there you quite easily forget you’re just right outside of town.  They have these great hairy horned beasts called Scottish Highlanders that you feed carrots to during the hay ride.   Have you ever seen a video from a wild animal safari (one of those places you drive through and giraffes stick their head in your car) well it’s a lot like that, these beasts stick their long tongues out and wrap them around your carrot and then it disappears.   Great fun kids are sure not to forget.  It can get a bit crowded and pricey at Maples but they are equally aligned with other farms and you definitely save on gas since its right here.

Pumpkin-2The haunted house is fun not too scary, they have bouncy houses, carnival games, snacks and of course pumpkins.  I would recommend you give them a try and while you’re there check out their garden center possibly next time you need some mulch, plants or gravel you’ll skip the box store and support this small local shop. I will write again about their fantastically fresh Christmas trees.


Pierson’s farm is a little farther out of town depending on your location but a beautiful place at 1448 NYS Route 211 West, Middletown, NY. Run by a great local family. The Pierson’s are raising their kids right on the farm just as their Dad and head farmer was. This farm offers majestic views of the area that will force you to stop and breathe it in. Enjoy a stroll through the corn maze I think every child needs a memory of being in a corn fortress. My own kids are totally transported to a new world inside there. They also offer a hay ride and a chance to feed their cattle who are very friendly and accustomed to the snacks. On Friday nights you can get the ****scared out of you in their haunted barn, I heard from the inside it’s the scariest yet this year. So keep it local and pop in these places for pumpkins, fall wonder, and memories.

Hodgson Farms is at 2290 Albany Post Road in Walden.

Manza Farms is located at 730 NYS Route 211 East, Montgomery, NY.

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